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Midweek Musings - It’s Fun Beating a Team at Their Own Game

Especially when you’re not very good at that game

Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

So, in case you weren’t aware, Penn State defeated #17 Maryland 78-61 last night, avenging their loss earlier this season.

I’m not here to talk about revenge. I’m not here to talk about Pat Chambers, or the young players that are finding their groove late in the season.

I’m here to talk about the unique - and fun - feeling that comes with beating a team that prides itself on being a basketball school, at the sport of basketball.

You hear it every football season from the Maryland corners of the Internet, after the Nittany Lions obliterate the Terrapins: “Well, whatever, it doesn’t matter. We’re a basketball school anyway.”

And truthfully, they are. Or at least, that’s what they’re known as.

So, to go ahead and beat them at “their” game is just really satisfying.

Know what makes it even better? That Penn State is in no way a basketball school. Like, at all.

A good year for the Lions includes a trip to the NIT. A great year includes a NIT championship. A stellar, once-in-a-decade year includes a trip to the NCAA tournament, followed by a loss in the first two rounds.

For a team that prides itself on basketball to lose to a thoroughly non-basketball school, especially after trash talking during the football season only to be nuked from orbit - again - is just such a fun and unique feeling.

(And no, we will not be discussing the 2014 Penn-State Maryland football game, AKA Shakegate. No sir.)