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MMHWT - Hail to the King

After a 2-year hiatus, the Nittany Lions rule the Big Ten once more

Mark Selders,

And just like that, your Penn State Nittany Lions are Big Ten champions!

An extremely solid performance by the team won the Lions their first Big Ten championship since 2016. I won’t do a deep dive as I’m sure JP will do in the near future, but this was fun to watch.

Someone mentioned it earlier in the season, but wrestling is a unique sport. Sure, it’s a team event, in that you need wrestlers at all weights to contribute. But every single bout is one on one, mano y mano. To see the Lions put together dominating performance after dominating performance is a sight to behold.

You’d think that somewhere along the way, someone would have a bad dual or tournament, and cost the team.

And yet the Lions just keep winning.

So, bask in the glow of the Big Ten championship. It was hard fought and well earned.

But, as Cael and Co. would tell you, it’s right back to the grind.

Next up?

NCAAs in just a week and a half.

Buckle your headgear, it’s gonna be a fun ride.