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2019 NCAA Wrestling Brackets Released

6 Nittany Lions are seeded #1 or #2, and 3 others received their seeds.

NCAA Wrestling: DI Wrestling Championships Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, friends. While the NCAA ran a streaming bracket release show to mixed reviews, the pdf brackets are now available here, and according to some pundits, caused quite a stir. After two consecutive years with few complaints, it’s almost enjoyable, getting to freak out again.

We’ll cover the questionable seeds below. But for now, here’s how the team point race shapes up, based on seeds, and without considering bonus points.

Team Point Projections

  1. Penn State: 125.0
  2. Ohio State: 83.0
  3. Oklahoma State: 83.0
  4. Michigan: 63.0
  5. Iowa: 61.0

That’s right, friends - your Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lions are seeded as prohibitive favorites to win a fourth consecutive team title. Now then, on to the individual weight classes.

125 LBS

Some folks say that there is a 125 lb weight class. We don’t believe it. Let’s move along.

133 LBS

The picture above displays an 8-man pod. Just two of those 8 wrestlers can advance to the Friday morning quarterfinals, and only one will become an All-American on this top-side of the bracket. The other seven will be vanquished to the wrestlebacks.

RBY gets the 10-seed, and - given how stacked this 133 weight is - a pretty manageable path to the podium. 7-DeSanto (Iowa) in the second round isn’t ideal, but it’s a winnable match. And 2-Micic (Michigan) is hobbling along on a bum wheel.

But, should RBY drop to the consolations, based only on seeding, he’d draw 15-Thornton (Purdue) and 8-Erneste (Missouri) to earn that coveted AA distinction. That’s certainly do-able.

Other Stuff

  • Think about the what ifs. What if RBY simply bellies down on Pletcher’s 2nd period shot, instead of giving up two swipes - and then pulls out the win? He advances to the conference final, and probably claims Pletcher’s 5-seed, instead of this 10-spot.
  • “Look at the bones!” Last year’s 3rd placewinner, Tariq Wilson - he’s the 11-seed. Returning AA Montorie Bridges is 12. Austin Gomez is 13. There are a ton - A TON - of landmines here at 133.

141 LBS

Remember when true frosh Nick Lee got cement job’d by Ryan Diehl in the first round - and then wrestled all the way back (or, nearly so) to place 5th? That was pretty cool, but not as cool as this year’s 8-man set up. With the 3-seed, Nick’s a clear favorite to make the semi finals.

Other Stuff

  • South Fayette’s Mikey Carr was the 1-seed at B1Gs last week. Then he placed 8th, with a nightmare tournament. And now, somehow, he got the 6-seed. From penthouse to out-house, to I dunno - upper middle class McMansion. Alrighty then.
  • Just below Nick’s 8-man pod sits 15-Kaid Brock (Okie State) vs. 18-Bryan Lantry (Buffalo). That’s gonna be fireworks. And the winner advances to face 2-McKenna.

149 LBS

What did beating Pat Lugo in OT get Charlie Berge? Not much. But by the same token, defaulting out of B1Gs to 6th place didn’t do much harm, either. All things considered, Barge can’t complain about this pod.

Other Stuff

  • What is with the 15 vs 18? Max Thomsen vs Jared Prince, with the winner to face Mickey Jordan. Yikes.
  • Speaking of which, that entire 8-man pod is deadly. Mickey and Thomsen are former AAs. 7-Gfeller looked like a surefire AA all year (until he injured his ribs). 18-Prince, 10-Lugo, and 23-Maruca (Franklin Regional) have all made the round of 16 (or better) in prior years. Pod O’ Death.

157 LBS

Jason Nolf.

Other Stuff

  • See also: Nolf, Jason.

165 LBS

More than likely, for the third consecutive year, Our Little Meatball will wrestle either 10-Branson Ashworth, or 7-Isaiah White, on the way toward the semi-finals - where Cenzo’s likely to run into 6-Logan Massa (again) or 3-Josh Shields, his old pal from the WPIAL. The whole thing sets up like a reunion tour. Oh by the way - Cenzo’s unbeaten against all of them.

Other Stuff

  • LOL, if you’re 1-Alex Marinelli. He likely gets Joe Smith, 2x AA in the first round. Followed by Jon Viruet, who took Marinelli to overtime at Midlands this year. Followed by Mekhi Lewis, who beat Marinelli at Junior trials. Followed by either 5-Chance Marsteller, or the Bull’s favorite, 4-Evan Wick.

174 LBS

Mark Hall plays the recorder. I’m a brass-man, myself. Never much for the woodwinds. But Marky could probably play that recorder whilst winning his way to the semifinals. Sure, there are quite a few really good wrestlers in his pod. But Marky’s just better, at every position.

Other Stuff

  • It sure makes seeding easier, when all of the top wrestlers are healthy, don’t default, and face each other during the regular season.

184 LBS

There will be a ton of pixels wasted, moaning about Shak drawing the 2-seed after defaulting from the B1G final. If you want to read some of it, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Shak’s been injured. So has 3-Zavatsky (who missed the Scuffle), and 7-Reenan (who wrestled David Taylor for a spot on Team USA this summer, at Rec Hall), and 4-Parker, and 8-Preisch. Shak’s as worthy as any of them.

Other Stuff

  • But yeah - it sure makes seeding harder, when many of the top guys are injured during the season, and don’t wrestle each other.

197 LBS

Bo Nickal.

Other Stuff

  • See also: Nickal, Bo

285 LBS

It’s kind of crazy, isn’t it? Thinking back to this summer, when word leaked out that Anthony Cassar was eating food, and considering bumping up to the shaved bear category - despite the presence of 2x AA and all-around awesome guy Nick Nevills. Yet here we are, 8 months later, discussing B1G Champ, 2-seed Tony Bling, with a clear runway to the national semis.

Other Stuff

  • Mason Paris finished 7th at B1Gs. He’s the 5-seed. Alrighty then.
  • Would’ve been awesome to separate Tony and 3-Gable, but giving Derek White the 1-spot just makes too much sense.

BSD Bracket Challenge

Submit your comment below with your picks for the following:

  • Lowest seeded All-American, at any weight
  • Highest seeded wrestler to lose in the first round, at any weight
  • Lowest seeded Champion, at any weight

The winner of the BSD Bracket Challenge will be announced at the conclusion of the national tournament, and awarded multiple laurels, plaudits, and priceless awards.

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