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Report: Pat Chambers Back for Ninth Season

The Chambers Era continues on, baby.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

In case there was any doubt, Sandy Barbour confirmed with The Athletic that Pat Chambers will return as head basketball coach for his ninth season.

As Matt Fortuna’s tweet states, there was serious question how long the Chambers era would continue when the team started conference play 0-10. But following a turnaround the last six weeks that saw Penn State play to a 7-4 record, it became more and more likely that Chambers would be back for his ninth season.

Now, the question becomes who else returns. While the Nittany Lions have Rasir Bolton and Myles Dread hoping to build off good freshman seasons, Penn State will wait and see what happens with junior Lamar Stevens and redshirt junior Mike Watkins. If both return for their final year of eligibility, well, next year might actually be the year. If either decide to move on from the program, then the 2019-20 season looks a little bit murkier.