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LIVE WRESTLING: No. 1 Penn State at NCAA Session 5 Medal Round


Just the 20 national finalists and 60 All-Americans remain. Everyone else has been eliminated, and the only thing left is to settle the final order. Some dreams came true last night. Many were crushed. All are battered, bruised, and sore.

It’s no easy thing to have your championship dream crushed 10 hours ago, and wake back up needing to weigh-in for a third time in as many days. But they’ll do it. Some, content with an All-American award and out of the team race, will go for broke, attempting risky moves and throws they haven’t used since high school. Others, too battered to fight much longer, will move a little slower than normal. And naturally, you’ll see the toll this brutal event has exacted reflected among the crowd, too. It’s a sparse and mostly somber group who rises at 8am to make their way into the PPG Arena.

Welcome to Session 5, also known as The Medal Round.


  1. Penn State 120.5
  2. Ohio State 88.5
  3. Oklahoma State 73.5
  4. Iowa 68
  5. Missouri 54
  6. Cornell 52
  7. Nebraska 51
  8. Michigan 48
  9. Minnesota 48
  10. Virginia Tech 45

PSU Bonus Points (24) is tied for 19th.


Two Nittany Lions wrestle this morning. Roman Bravo Young wrestles 6-Ethan Lizak (MINN) for 7th place. Nick Lee starts in the consolation semi-finals against 9-Dom Demas (OU). Lizak is a tall, lanky leg rider, and Demas is a squat, compact greco thrower. So those will be a pair of really interesting matches.


2005 Okie State went (1-2) this round, finishing with 127.5 points. 2017 Penn State went (1-0), finishing with 122 team points. Both are in play for this 2019 squad.