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Blue-White Game 2019: Over/Unders

Will Keegan-Michael Key make an appearance?

Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

We are just three days away from the culmination of spring practice — the Blue-White game. To get ready for this Saturday’s scrimmage, let’s run down completely made up over/unders. Some serious, some not so serious.

Sean Clifford touchdowns: 2.5 O/U

I was actually talking to fellow BSD Staff Writer (and noted terrible person) Alex Robinson about this, but it just feels like Clifford is going to have a big day. He’s had essentially the entire spring to work with the first team, he’s ultra competitive, and it would just make sense from a starting QB storyline perspective for Clifford to have himself a day. I’m going over here.

Freshman QBs throwing a TD: 0.5 O/U

Both Taquan Roberson and Michael Johnson Jr. will make their (unofficial) Penn State debuts this Saturday, but with Clifford, Will Levis, and walk-on Michael Shuster all set to get some reps on Saturday, there really won’t be too much of an opportunity for the *true froshes. I’m sure we’ll see a series or two, but extended play for either Roberson or Johnson seems unlikely. For that reason, I’m going under.

*There’s also true freshman walk-on QB Isaac Rumery.

Justin Shorter receptions: 3.5 O/U

With George Campbell, Weston Carr, John Dunmore, and TJ Jones still not on campus, Penn State is very light on scholarship wide receivers this spring, meaning that Shorter — who was going to play a lot anyway — should get even more run than we expect. Toss in that he’s a perfect breakout candidate from this game, and hammer that over.

Micah Parsons tackles: 6.5 O/U

Speaking of players that can steal the show, I’m sure one Micah Parsons will be a major focus on Saturday. The issue with Parsons compared to Shorter is I’m not sure how many snaps he’ll get. He’s very much locked into a starting role, and James Franklin and Brent Pry might instead want more of a look at Jesse Luketa and Brandon Smith. Because of that, I’ll take the under.

Total TFLs between both teams: 9.5 O/U

I honestly have no idea what number this should be set at because I can’t find stats from previous Blue-White games, but it feels like there’s always quite a few broken plays throughout the game. Plus, the defensive line is usually ahead of the offensive line at this point in the year, so I’m going with the over.

Jake Pinegar made field goals: 1.5 O/U

Does Pinegar kick for both teams? I feel like that’s a thing, but I am not committed enough to look it up. Regardless, I’ll show faith in Pinegar and say he goes 2-for-2. Over.

Micah Parsons “returning” a kickoff: 0.5 O/U

So they don’t actually “return” kicks in the Blue-White game, they just have a designated returner back there to fair catch the ball. With that being the case, and Parsons having been spotted in a videos fielding kickoffs, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Parsons back as the kick returner for S’s-and-G’s. I’ll take the over.

Keegan-Michael Key appearances: 0.5 O/U

Keegan-Michael Key was an honorary coach for last year’s spring game, but the question is will he be back for a second stint? While I love *Keegan-Michael Key, I’m kind of hoping for a break here. Feel like Penn State is overusing him. Under.

*You have to say his whole name. Can’t just say Keegan-Michael or Key. Have to say the entire thing.

Jonas Brothers mentions during the broadcast: 0.5 O/U

If BTN doesn’t mention the Jonas Brothers, I will be absolutely shocked. Over, over, over.

Urban Meyer mentions during the broadcast: 1.5 O/U

This is a lock to get brought up once because it’s an easy talking point: “Hey Matt, with Urban Meyer no longer on the sidelines, teams like Penn State have to be licking their chops, right?”

Will it get brought up a second time though? I’ll say no, but if they riff on the NFL Draft, Urban’s name could easily get mentioned again.

Adult beverages I consume during tailgates: 7.5 O/U

I’m not the biggest fan of heavy day drinking because alcohol just makes me sleepy, and being sleepy at like 1:30 p.m. isn’t usually ideal. This is also tough without knowing how many hours I’ll be there. If I end up starting early and/or don’t go into the game, it’ll be over. If I don’t get out to the fields until 12 and decide to go into the game, it’ll be the under. That being said — over, baby.