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Success with Hyperlinking is Unbeaten and Uncrowned

Take a break with the latest from the Penn State and beyond.

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Getting Their Due Penn State fans of a certain age know the anguish of seeing the Nittany Lions have a perfect season, only to have their satisfaction unquenched because of a lack of a national championship. In all, it occurred 11 times in all between 1894-1994. The ‘94 squad was especially deserving as they are now viewed as one of the greatest college football teams of all-time, despite the voters going with Nebraska in what felt like a Lifetime Achievement Award for Tom Osborne. Anyways, you can reflect on all those teams while screaming into an empty void where the national championship trophies should have gone at the Penn State All-Sports Museum. The museum just debuted its Unbeaten & Uncrowned: 11 Teams 100 Years exhibit, where it will remain through April 2021.

Guessing Game It’s the time of year when “no news is good news” is mainly true for college football programs. One thing to look forward to is the gradual announcement of kickoff times as we patiently await the 2019 season. Onward State did its best to predict the start times for all 12 regular season games. With prime time games outnumbering noon games 5-3, let’s hope their predictions come true.

Tommy’s Ten Tommy Stevens is all but gone from the Penn State Football program, so enjoy this look back at the LION’s top 10 moments of his time in Happy Valley. My personal favorite came in at #2 - it was late in the 2016 Iowa game that Penn State had in hand from start to finish. Late in the game, Stevens was split wide and myself and everyone in the stands around me began to point him out, wondering what exactly was happening. I thought perhaps there was some confusion, and Tommy simply lined up where he did to avoid using a timeout or illegal substitution penalty. Nope. Stevens would take the handoff and plow over five would-be tacklers on his way into the end zone. And with that, the legend of Tommy Stevens was born.

Getting to Know You Jahan Dotson figures to play a prominent role in the Nittany Lions passing attack in 2019 after proving to be a reliable asset late in his true freshman season. Get to know the man who could become the breakout star of Penn State’s offense this fall. Also, take some time to get to know the latest Nittany Lion, Nicholas Dawkins, a perfect gentleman who can flip the switch and be one nasty dude on the gridiron.

And Now Presenting the World’s Tiniest Violin... People have mixed feelings about the transfer portal, but at the end of the day it’s a much-needed change to allow student-athletes freedom to do what is best for them as a player, and more importantly, as a person. Not surprisingly, coaches aren’t as keen on the idea of losing players without little to no control over the situation.

Guess Who? Penn State has two of the top 25 best defensive players in college football heading into the 2019 season. 50 BSD bucks to anyone who can guess these two fine specimens before clicking the link.