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Midweek Musings - Where Will Penn Staters Go in the NFL Draft?

The possibilities are endless

Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

At long last, the 2019 NFL Draft is upon us.

The past week, we’ve profiled all of the Penn Staters that are heading to the draft this year, and as a refresher, here’s what we’re looking at:

These players have showcased their talents in college, have participated in the NFL Combine, have met with scouts, and have interviewed with teams. Now we get down to it: where will Penn Staters go in the NFL Draft?

I won’t get too hung up on specific teams, because the draft never goes the way anyone thinks it will. But rather, I’ll go with an O/U approach, and set that number at 6.5. Whatcha got?

I think Sanders, McGovern, Bates, and Oruwariye are all absolute locks, probably fourth round or better for all four.

Miller is probably going to be drafted as well, though he’ll push into rounds 5-6 most likely.

Givens SHOULD be drafted, though his tweener status may make him fall pretty far in the draft. Let’s say somewhere in rounds 5-7 most likely.

To me, the only one who may not get drafted from the above list is Trace McSorley.

I love Trace. He made Penn State fun again. He set all the records.

But you hear all the time about players that are “college quarterbacks” and not “NFL quarterbacks.” I think most teams feel that way about McSorley.

Now, all it takes is one team to take a flier on him. Someone who thinks he could, at worst, be a scout team QB. A serviceable third stringer. Or perhaps make a switch to DB after all, despite his protestations.

What say you, dear reader? Will all of our Nittany Lions have their names called this weekend? Or will some of them be stuck looking for a job as an undrafted free agent?