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Jonas Brothers Perform At Champs, Become BFFs With James Franklin

This is the pinnacle of humanity, folks.

I know what you’re thinking — how did we get here?

Well, it started with Barstool’s “5th Year” account having a bracket of the best college bars in America. Sixty-four bars around the country were tossed into a bracket, with Champs (the downtown one) being Penn State’s bar representative.

From there, the bars would be matched up against each other, 5th Year would put up a poll, and whichever bar had the most votes would move on. While most schools like Nebraska or Rutgers had former prominent players retweeting saying to vote, Penn State had the unlikely helping hand of Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

The interesting part here is that Jonas definitely did not spend his 21st at the Downtown Champs since it was a Chili’s (RIP) back when he turned 21. If you believe his manager in 2014 Jason Ganter (yes, Fran’s son), Jonas was actually at the Phyrst for his 21st. If you believe Fran’s other son, Chris, then Jonas was at Champs — it was just the one on Atherton.

Regardless of what happened on that fateful night in August 2010, Jonas has been to the Downtown Champs in the years since as he performed there after THON 2017. And as it turns out, he really liked the place as he’s tweeted every round in support of Champs.

Jonas’ wife, Sophie Turner — who plays “Sansa Stark” in a TV show not many people have heard of called “Game of Thrones” — even tweeted her support of Champs.

With the help of Jonas and Turner, Champs now finds itself as one of the last four bars in 5th Year’s bracket. While it was expected that Jonas may come to Happy Valley should Champs win the whole thing, that all changed yesterday with Joe instead making his visit last night with Nick and Kevin — you know, the Jonas Brothers.

Of course, James Franklin got in on the action prior to the Jonas Brothers’ arrival.

And during the show too.

So yeah, the Jonas Brothers are officially best friends with James Franklin. I’m looking forward to them taunting Jim Harbaugh from the sideline next year.