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Penn State Set For $69 Million Renovation Project For Football Facilities

Some truly nice upgrades are coming to Holuba Hall and Lasch Building

NCAA Football: Penn State Blue-White Game Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The modern era of college football is a never-ending arms race in which schools try to continually one-up each other with upgrades to their facilities. Assuming the full Board of Trustees vote to approve this coming Friday (which by all indications, appears that they will), then Penn State will commit a nice $69 million towards upgrading the Holuba Hall and Lasch Building facilities.

The Holuba Hall renovations will involve the restrooms and other “spectator amenities” while the Lasch Building will continue to see renovations done, after initial renovations began in 2015 with the addition of a nutrition bar, spazzy new locker room, and other aesthetically-pleasing facelifts.

According to a school release, the funding will depend mainly on private gifts, so if any of you reading this have some spare income, inquire within.