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Success with Hyperlinking is Ready to Lead

Take a break with all the latest and greatest from Penn State and beyond.

Appalachian State v Penn State Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

What Can Brown Do for You? A strong case can be made that Cam Brown was Penn State’s most improved player from start to finish of the 2018 campaign. Now, he’s ready to anchor what should be a pretty darn good defense in 2019. He’s also ready to carry on the legacy of Linebacker U.

New Beginnings Tommy Stevens is officially off to Starksville to reunite with Joe Moorhead. As Stevens battles to lead the Bulldogs offense, his success could still benefit the Penn State program.

A Happy Happy Valley Although State College isn’t what comes to mind when I think ‘small town’ it was still listed as one of the happiest small towns in the good ol’ United States of America. I mean, would this smiling pit bull lie to you?

Big Boss Man When Ross Travis played his final basketball game for Penn State, he decided to take a chance to become the next Antonio Gates- finding success as an NFL tight end despite never playing a down of college football. While he seemed like the longest of long shots at the time, Travis is now preparing for his fifth season in the NFL after signing a one-year extension with the Indianapolis Colts.

This Space Available The Steelers are looking to cram more advertising by placing a large ad on the seats of the lower bowl in Heinz Field. However, it would only be visible when the stadium is mostly empty. So basically, Pitt games. They are creating an ad that can be viewed during Pitt games.

Simply the Best? Is Saquon Barkley already the best running back in the NFL? Just let the film do the talking. Speaking of Saquon, he’ll soon be taking handoffs from a new but familiar face.

All’s Well that Ends Well There was a pretty major television event on Sunday that seemed to left many fans unfulfilled. Wrapping up a long-running series is nearly impossible, but here are some that hit the mark. Most of my favorite finales made the list- Parks & Rec gave everyone a pitch perfect send-off, Breaking Bad managed to exceed the highest of expectations to wrap up what was the best season of TV I can recall, The Office somehow pulled off a fantastic finale despite declining in quality during the last few seasons, and Friday Night Lights was...well, perfection. I’m sure I’ll be satisfied with the Veep finale as well, once I can bring myself to watch it.