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Only Anthony Zettel Days Until Penn State Football 2019

We’ve got 98 days until the Nittany Lions hit the field!

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Penn State Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

For the past few years, there’s been a lot of deserved press surrounding the very good at football and very good human Saquon Barkley. But what if Barkley had had an accident years before, and wasn’t able to become the physical specimen that ESPN the magazine documented last year?

Only the weird and talented Anthony Zettel would have been able to pull that off - one year after upending a tree stump in his off time the previous season.

Zettel was a part of the Penn State football team in one of the most tumultuous times in its history, spanning the Paterno, O’Brien, and Franklin years - and laying the foundation of the Nittany Lions’ return to prominence.

Recruited as a defensive end, Zettel moved to the interior of the line when James Franklin and Bob Shoop came to town, a move that proved ingenious, putting him next to Austin Johnson in one of the best tag teams in the nation and garnering him All-Big Ten status, and helping eat up the interior to allow Carl Nassib to become one of the most feared defensive ends in the NCAA in 2015.

Zettel was drafted late by the Lions, where he played significantly for two seasons. He was waived after his sophomore NFL season by Detroit and subsequently picked up by the Cleveland Browns, where he played 15 games in 2018.

Only 98 days until PSU football is back!