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Penn State Kickoff Times Announced For First Five Games

Football season is pretty much here.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten announced the kickoff times for the first five weeks of the season, which means Penn State finally has its kickoff times set for Idaho, Buffalo, Pitt, Maryland, and Purdue.

August 31: Idaho, 3:30 p.m. on BTN

3:30 kicks are good.

September 7: Buffalo, 7:30 p.m. on Fox

The late Georgia State kickoff back in 2017 was awesome, and with this one being a national (?) broadcast, it’s even better.

September 14: Pitt, 12:00 p.m. on ABC

I would be mad at a noon kick but Pitt doesn’t deserve anything better.

September 27: at Maryland, 8:00 p.m. on FS1


October 5: Purdue, 12:00 p.m. on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2

I have a wedding this day so ugh.