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Only Jake Pinegar Until Penn State Football

Make no mistake, Jake Pinegar will play an integral role for PSU this year.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

We are just 92 days out from Penn State opening the season against Idaho in Beaver Stadium.

And, as we all know, reliable special teams units are absolute huge in college football.

The ability to flip the field and convert on long field goal attempts could be worth up to two or three wins.

Luckily for PSU, they have just that, led by punter Blake Gillikin and today’s feature athlete, Jake Pinegar.

Pinegar was solid if unspectacular as a highly touted true freshman out of Iowa last year. He struggled at times with kick trajectory and accuracy but the end product was good enough to see him lead the Big Ten in total points with 101 and finish second in scoring average at 7.8 per game.

Barring disaster, Pinegar will likely finish his career in 2021 as Penn State’s all-time leading scorer and will hope to provide himself, his teammates and fans with some lasting memories along the way.