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Only Zack Kuntz Days Untill Penn State Football

We’re 82 days from seeing some real live football in Beaver Stadium!

Picture via Zack Kuntz Twitter

In 2018, Penn State landed arguably the best tight end recruiting classes in the country. While Pat Freirmuth went on to become a Freshman All-American in 2018, Zack Kuntz should not be overlooked.

In high school, Kuntz was actually rated hire than Freirmuth was. In 2018, Kuntz redshirted in an effort to add size and mass to his 6-foot-7 frame. During his redshirt season, he appeared in one game reeling in a 6 yard catch against Kent State.

Kuntz was a prolific pass catcher for Camp Hill while in high school. This is something he should be able to bring to the table for the Nittany Lions as well. While he still needs to add more size to his frame, he possesses the tools to be a red zone weapon for the Nittany Lions this fall. A red zone package that has Freirmuth, Kuntz, and Justin Shorter all on the field at once could lead match up nightmares for opposing defenses.

We’re only 82 days away from the start of the 2019 Penn State Football season!