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Only Bryce Effner Until Penn State Football

72 days!

Nittany Lion
Unfortunately, we don’t have a picture of Bryce Effner available for us to legally use, so enjoy this action shot of the Nittany Lion.

We continue with the offensive line portion of our countdown until kickoff series with a focus on Bryce Effner. After redshirting last year as a true freshman, Bryce will seek to earn a spot on the O-line’s two-deep. At the very least, he will continue to be a valuable body on the scout team.

A few fun facts about Bryce (according to his official bio on are that he enjoys hunting, off-roading, and grilling. He also hails from the town of Aurora, Illinois. If the name of that town sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s the same town where the Wayne’s World movies take place. And on that note, here’s one of my favorite clips from the first Wayne’s World film: