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Midweek Musings - Would You Rather . . . .

No, it’s not that kind of would you rather

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

. . . Penn State have the nation’s #1 offense, but #100 defense, or have the nations #1 defense, but #100 offense?

Personally, I grew up in the Tom Bradley hey day, and I’d probably rather have a defense that shuts everyone down, and hope that the offense can score just a couple touchdowns to get the win.

Remember 2016? That offense could light it up, but Penn State got into more than one footrace, including the Rose Bowl, which it ultimately lost 52-49. I’m not a huge fan of Big 12 style shootouts.

The flipside, however, is 6-4. I remember it as if it happened just yesterday. The rain. The sloppy play. Neither offense doing anything at all. The missed field goals. Iowa deliberately taking a safety and handing the ball to Penn State, knowing that a field goal would win it for the Lions, but also knowing THAT THEY COULDN’T GET A FIELD GOAL.


So, which would you rather?