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Only Juice Scruggs Until Penn State Football

70 days!

Gallery Photo: Penn State-Syracuse - A View from the Field
Once again, we don’t have a picture we can legally use, so enjoy this generic shot of the Nittany Lion mascot.

We continue to crank out O-line tributes on the countdown, as today we honor Frederick “Juice” Scruggs. As a true freshman last year, Juice was named the coaching staff’s Offensive Player of the Week four different times, and made his debut in game action during the blowout win over Maryland on Thanksgiving weekend. Naturally, this led to talks about Juice being a strong candidate to make the two-deep on the roster going into the 2019 season.

Unfortunately, a car accident threw a big wrench into such plans for Juice. Thankfully, he is okay and is on track to make a full recovery. While the coaching staff seems to expect him to be available during Fall practice and has even talked about him potentially being able to play later in the season, it is more likely that we won’t see Juice in action on the field again until 2020. When we finally do see him in action again though, expect big things.

I also can’t help the fact that Juice’s name reminds me of one of my favorite TV shows, American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson. Namely, all the times that David Schwimmer, playing Robert Kardashian, calls OJ “Juice” throughout the series, which somebody turned into this amazing YouTube montage: