Let's talk important stuff: What are you reading this summer?

Summer reading list time. As always for me, I keep the heavy biographies and histories and thought-provoking books for the other three seasons and save books that I don't have to do any thinking with for summer. Detective books, mysteries, animals on rampages eating people, hunting/fishing/camping stories, all go on to the summer reading shelf.

I've decided to re-read all of the Patrick McManus books. If you've never read McManus, and enjoy the outdoors, then you really need to read his stuff. "The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw", "A Fine and Pleasant Misery", and "They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?" are a few good titles to look for. Each book has a number of stories within and the stories are easy, fast reads and hilarious.

Just got the new John Sandford murder mystery "Neon Prey" and looking forward to getting into it.

Also, just ordered "Gallows Thief" by Bernard Cornwell

Of course, as always, looking for recommendations on good books to fill the "to read" shelf.

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