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Penn State Wrestling: Cadet and U23 Results

Wrestling season never stops. This past weekend gave us more outstanding action, as two more USA World Teams got decided in Akron, OH - Cadet (age 16 and under), and U23. Let’s take a look at the results.

Cadet World Team

41-45kg: Marc-Anthony McGowan over Mac Church

48kg: Stevo Poulin over Cory Land

51kg: Richie Figueroa over Jordan Williams

55kg: Robbie Howard (PSU) over Jesse Ybarra (IOWA)

60kg: Jesse Mendez over Anthony Ferrari

65kg: Ryan Sokol (IOWA) over Derek Fields

71kg: Alex Facundo over Travis Mastrogiovanni (OKST)

80kg: Clayton Ulrey over Rylan Rogers

92kg: Kyle Haas over Seth Shumate

110kg: Hunter Catka over Braxton Mikesell

The headliner here is PSU commit Robbie Howard (Bergen Catholic), who made his third Cadet team - a first ever accomplishment - at 55kg (121.25 lbs). And he did it at, arguably, the toughest weight class. Here’s a post match Robbie, wherein he discusses weight management (among other things).

h/t Zeb Miller for the interviews, though it’s a darn shame about the logo.

Also - a quick shoutout to District III’s (Lower Dauphin) Clayton Ulrey. The kid has style.

U23 World Team

57kg: Gabe Townsell (STAN) over Danny Vega (JWC)

61kg: Chaz Tucker (CORN) over Mickey Phillippi (PITT)

65kg: Jaydin Eierman (MIZZ) over Luke Pletcher (OHST)

70kg: Alec Pantaleo (MICH) over Jimmy Hoffman (LEH)

74kg: Brady Berge (PSU) over Phil Conigliaro (HARV)

79kg: Muhamed McBryde (BUFF) over Anthony Mantanona (OU)

86kg: Max Dean (CORN) over Devin Skatzka (MINN)

92kg: Jake Woodley (OU) over Christian Brunner (PUR)

97kg: Chase Singletary (OHST) over Mike Boykin (NCST)

125kg: Daniel Kerkvliet (OHST) over Jordan Wood (LEH)

How about Brady Berge, aka Bardy Berge the Swedish Chef, aka Charlie Berge? What a great performance. Amazing what getting to eat some food will do for you.

Final X - Rutgers

The awesome ticket we talked about last week has taken some unfortunate hits. Our guy, the Magic Man, David Taylor, had surgery and will miss this season. That’d mess up a regular guy. But Dave’s not normal. Ultimate pro Andy Hamilton has the story on Track.

The co-headliner (besides Bo vs J’Den) figured to be Dake vs Ringer. Except we’ll have to wait for that one, because Kyle Dake had surgery a few months ago, and is still recovering.

Let’s not end on a bummer. When you’re feeling down, turn to Bo Nickal. Kid is clutch on and off the mat.