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Oh, Hello: 2020 JUCO WR Norval Black Commits to Penn State

Lackawanna produces another for Penn State.


Height/Weight: 6-foot-1, 158 pounds
Hometown/High School: Lackawanna C.C.
Ranking: Unranked
Notable Offers: Penn State



Black is originally from Germantown, Maryland, and played his high school ball at Northwest High School, according to Lions247. He just wrapped up his freshman season at Lackawanna, where he had 15 receptions for 445 yards (that would be 29.6 yards per reception) and five touchdowns.

Black came to Penn State on Sunday with no offers. After a standout performance, he left Happy Valley with an offer and committed to the Nittany Lions.

Sounds like a productive Sunday, right?


Well, this one is out of nowhere. Black didn’t have any offers coming into today so he must have absolutely lit it up during camp. There’s not a whole lot to take away from his highlights — it’s just him running past everyone — but he looks like a good athlete who could be quite the deep threat for Penn State. Despite his 6-foot-1 frame, he looks to have an absurd wingspan, which certainly helps when hauling in passes 30-40 yards down the field.

As for the JUCO aspect of Black, I don’t think it’s too big of a surprise that Penn State wanted a more veteran option in the class. As we will see with the wide receiver corps this year, it will be littered with sophomores and freshmen, so bringing in someone like Black who will be a junior right off the bat could give some balance to the unit.