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Midweek Musings - What Would Your Ideal Coaching Staff Look Like?

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There are a lot of good coaches out there

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Midweek Musings has a fairly simple and straightforward question for you this week: if you could put together an all star coaching staff of the nation’s best college football coaches, who would you pick and why?

For this exercise, let’s set forth a few rules:

First, you have an unlimited budget, or enough dirt on various coaches to get them to come play for your school without breaking the bank.

Second, the coaches can’t change positions - if you want Joe Moorhead as your OC, too bad, he can only join your team as HC.

Third, these are the positions that need to be filled:

  • Head Coach
  • Offensive Coordinator
  • Defensive Coordinator
  • Special Teams Coordinator
  • Offensive Line Coach
  • Defensive Line Coach
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach

Yes, there are a whole bunch of other positions out there, including quarterbacks, wide receivers, linebackers, and secondary coaches. Not to mention recruiting coordinators and all sorts of various support coaches. But let’s keep it fairly high level here, and try to hit some of the highlights.

For my money, here’s how my coaching staff would shake out:

  • Head Coach - James Franklin (Penn State) - I’m going to stick to my guns on this one, and say that Franklin is actually an exceptional head coach, recruiter, and motivator who knows how to fund raise, glad handle, and run a football organization. I’ll keep him in place and let him run the thing.
  • Offensive Coordinator - Matt Canada (Unemployed) - NINJA EDIT I had Lane Kiffin here, but was graciously informed by our very own Tim Aydin that Lane is actually the HC at FAU, so out he goes. In strides Canada, who has put together successful offenses at pretty much every stop, including Maryland and Pitt for goodness sake.
  • Defensive Coordinator - Brent Venables (Clemson) - I really, REALLY like Brent Pry, and am all but certain that he’ll head on to greener pastures if the defense is good this year. He’s a damn fine DC, but despite his successes, the team has suffered some late game collapses, where just one stop could have resulted in a win. Give me Venables, the defensive guru at Clemson who just utterly shut down Alabama, and apparently is content to just be a DC forever.
  • Special Teams Coordinator - Joe Lorig (Penn State) - I’ll admit that special teams is not a very strong suit for me, I don’t really know who the #1 ST coordinator is in the country. But Lorig was brought in and by all accounts led some of the best units at Memphis, so sign me up.
  • Offensive Line Coach - Joe Rudolph (Wisconsin) - I strongly considered Bill Bedenbaugh from Oklahoma, as Kyler Murray had all freaking day on every pass, letting him put together a Heisman campaign. But I’ll take Rudolph - Wisconsin, despite their successes, usually has a mix of 2- 3- and 4-star players on OL, and yet every year they’re able to grind opposing defensive lines into dust. Give me a coach that can just take a random dude and make him into an All-American every day.
  • Defensive Line Coach - Larry Johnson, Sr (Ohio State) - Again, I adore Sean Spencer as DL coach. He knows how to rotate his players and get a lot of production out of them. But I happen to think that PSU letting Johnson walk was one of the few mistakes they made when Franklin came on board. Granted, after not getting the HC gig he was probably going to leave regardless, but I would have loved for him to retire at Dear Old State. Chase Young, the backup to Nick Bosa, absolutely destroyed Penn State’s 2017 playoff hopes. Some of that is starzzz, some of that is just being the best in the game.
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach - Dwight Galt III (Penn State) - I’m not too aware of many S&C coaches that are better than Galt, who regularly turns high school athletes into collegiate freaks of nature. I’ll take the sure thing over a flier on a maybe better S&C coach from another school any day.

So what do you think? How does my coaching staff look, and who would you have instead?