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Jim Delany Doesn’t Understand How The Big Ten Champ Could Be Ranked Behind A Divisional Runner-Up

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I think he’s taunting me.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Football Media Day Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Lord of the Dumb-Dumbs, Jim Delany, spoke to reporters at the Big Ten’s media day earlier this afternoon, and questioned how Ohio State — who won its conference — could be ranked behind Georgia — who did not win its conference — in last year’s College Football Playoff rankings.

One important thing to note here is that Georgia was not a “divisional runner-up.” The Bulldogs won their SEC East division. They were just simply conference runner-ups, losing to Alabama in the SEC Championship game.

Regardless, this is a good point by Jimbo. Imagine a world where a Big Ten team (like, say, Penn State) won the conference, but yet was ranked behind another Big Ten team (like, say, Ohio State) that not only was a divisional runner-up, but lost straight-up to Penn State.

Now obviously, that’s all hypothetical, but just imagine a world (say, the year 2016) where that happened. I’m sure at the very least Jimbo would have argued in favor of both teams making the College Football Playoff. There’s no way he would have only argued in favor of the divisional runner-up, and then when his conference champion was snubbed, would have said the committee got the four teams right.

No way that would have happened.