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Midweek Musings - What Are You Looking Forward to this College Football Season?

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Shamelessly stolen from Dylan Callaghan-Crowley

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Fall practice is just around the bend, and it’s got us bloggers at BSD all fired up and ready to go.

Of course, we’re particularly excited for Penn State to take the gridiron, but Dylan asked in the BSD Slack channel the other day what we’re excited for about the coming college football season in general.

What are you excited for?

For the college football world in general, I’m excited to see if anyone outside of Bama can challenge Clemson.

Can anyone in the ACC even remotely challenge the Tigers? Will someone like Oklahoma, Texas, or Georgia pose a test in the playoffs? Can even Bama stop the Fightin’ Dabos?

Closer to home, I’m excited for year two under Ricky Rahne, as I think this offense could be really good if he, a new QB, and fresh faces at WR figure it out.

Closer to home, only half-joking edition, I’m excited for the meltdown when Penn State either a) fails to score an opening drive touchdown against Idaho, b) is only up by a field goal at halftime against Idaho, or c) both of the above.