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Success with Hyperlinking is Searching for the Rhythm

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Celebrate your freedom with these star-spangled links.

Maryland v Penn State

Finding the Rhythm Penn State’s 2019 football schedule features its first-ever contest with Idaho, a Friday game, two (yes, TWO) byes, and several other anomalies. Mike Poorman takes a look at what is setting up to be a weird and wild 2019 season.

Living the Dream 247 examines the best-case scenario for each Big Ten program. You better believe it involves a December trip to Indianapolis for the Nittany Lions. Along those lines, ESPN explains how the top 17 national title contenders heading into the season can win the big prize. And no your eyes aren’t deceiving you...Penn State did not make the cut, but Nebraska did.

It’s Brisk, Baby! There has been a lot of talk about who will be claiming the starting safety spot opposite Garrett Taylor. Jaquan Brisker is looking forward to joining the competition after arriving in Happy Valley this summer. Penn State will be in good hands between Brisker, Lamont Wade and Jonathan Sutherland and could have one of the nation’s best overall secondaries.

Ridin’ with Zion Tony Carr will be joining the recent #1 overall pick for the New Orleans Pelicans summer league squad. Games are set to begin on Friday.

Trojan Trouble A former USC assistant claims he was fired for alerting the NCAA to potential violations within the program. Just one more mess for Urban Meyer to clean up in 2020.

Moving On Up Sandy Barbour didn’t need to look far to find Penn State’s new women’s tennis coach. Alexandra Anghelescu was promoted from assistant coach to take over the program.