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BSD Roundtable: Penn State Football Stat Predictions for 2019

NCAA Football: Penn State at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

We are just 10 days away from Penn State football, which means now is a perfect time for our staff to predict who leads the Nittany Lions in rushing yards, receptions, sacks, tackles, and interceptions.

Who leads Penn State in rushing yards?

Patrick Koerbler: Ricky Slade (1,100 yards)
Jared Slanina: Ricky Slade (1,050 yards)
Marty Leap: Ricky Slade (1,079 yards)
Lando: Ricky Slade (1,100 yards)
Chris Lucia: Ricky Slade (1,200 yards)
Cari: Ricky Slade (950 yards)

It was a clean sweep for Ricky Slade, which might be surprising just given that the chances of there being a legitimate running back rotation seems more likely than in years past. None of us went with an outrageous number though, as we are all within 250 yards of each other.

Who leads Penn State in receptions?

Patrick Koerbler: KJ Hamler (65 receptions)
Jared Slanina: Jahan Dotson (56 receptions)
Marty Leap: KJ Hamler (58 receptions)
Lando: Pat Freiermuth (52 receptions)
Chris Lucia: Pat Freiermuth (55 receptions)
Cari: KJ Hamler (45 receptions)

This one was closer than expected with Hamler getting three of the votes, Freiermuth getting two, and Jahan Dotson getting Jared’s nod. With all due respect to those who didn’t go with Hamler, but injury aside, I am really not here for a season where Hamler isn’t leading the receivers (and tight ends) in receptions. Get that kid the ball, Rahne.

Who leads Penn State in sacks?

Patrick Koerbler: Yetur Gross-Matos (9.5 sacks)
Jared Slanina: Yetur Gross-Matos (13 sacks)
Marty Leap: Yetur Gross-Matos (12 sacks)
Lando: Yetur Gross-Matos (11.5 sacks)
Chris Lucia: Shane Simmons (11.5 sacks)
Cari: Yetur Gross-Matos (13 sacks)

No surprise that Gross-Matos got the large majority of the vote, but I am a little surprised at how high the numbers are. Don’t get me wrong, Gross-Matos is stupid talented, but a 12+ sack season is very difficult, and with the added attention he’ll have this year, I’m not sure he gets to it.

Shoutout Chris Lucia though. Shane Simmons getting 11.5 sacks would be awesome.

Who leads Penn State in tackles?

Patrick Koerbler: Micah Parsons (115 tackles)
Marty Leap: Micah Parsons (112 tackles)
Lando: Micah Parsons (106 tackles)
Chris Lucia: Micah Parsons (112 tackles)
Cari: Micah Parsons (96 tackles)

No duh.

Also, Jared forgot about this one. Feel free to shame him in the comments.

Who leads Penn State in interceptions?

Patrick Koerbler: John Reid (4 interceptions)
Jared Slanina: Garrett Taylor (4 interceptions)
Marty Leap: Tariq Castro-Fields (3 interceptions)
Lando: John Reid (4 interceptions)
Chris Lucia: Tariq Castro-Fields (4 interceptions)
Cari: Tariq Castro-Fields (4 interceptions)

Like receptions, this one has a pretty wide range of opinions. Some of us go with steady John Reid, Jared likes Garrett Taylor, while Cari, Chris L., and Marty went with Castro-Fields. To be honest with you, all good picks. Penn State’s front seven gets most of the pub, but the back four is sneakily very, very good.

What do you think, BSD reader? What are your predictions?