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Only Taquan Roberson Until Penn State Football

We’re down into the single digits, folks!

Photo Credit: Heather Weikel

With only nine days to go until the season opener, we give a shout-out to one Mr. Taquan Roberson. Much like his fellow Class of 2019 blue-chip QB teammate Michael Johnson Jr., Taquan enrolled in January to get a head start on his football and academic career, giving himself a chance to play in the Spring Game (that’s him in the middle of the picture, above).

Known as a passer who has the ability to make plays with his legs when necessary, look for Taquan to redshirt this season while he continues to absorb the playbook and get stronger/faster via Dwight Galt’s strength and conditioning program and be ready to give PSU another solid option at quarterback down the line.