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Only Marquis Wilson Until Penn State Football

Eight more days!

Marquis Wilson is suited up, furthest right (Photo Credit: Heather Weikel)

Marquis Wilson is up next as our countdown marches towards its final week before we actually start playing games on the field again. Much like his other Class of 2019 teammates we have covered thus far, the former high 3-star corner out of Connecticut was an early enrollee, starting his PSU career in January. Currently measuring 5’11” and weighing in at 173 pounds (according to his official GoPSUSports bio), Marquis is likely a candidate to redshirt as he learns from the older, wiser, corners such as John Reid and Tariq Castro-Fields, amongst others.

While he may not be the speediest corner, having clocked in a 4.71 40 time, he does move very fluidly, and also possess a good amount of length for a guy of his size, which makes it easier for him to break up passes or haul in interceptions. Look for him to earn some playing time against a couple of the lesser opponents on the schedule when PSU (hopefully) has built up a large enough lead to afford giving their backups plenty of run.