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Only Will Levis Until Penn State Football


Photo Credit: Heather Weikel

This time next week, we will all be enjoying the much-anticipated return of Penn State football. Until then, we pay homage to Will Levis, a guy who is likely to see his share of action on the field at quarterback as the backup to Sean Clifford, especially in the first couple of weeks with Idaho and Buffalo hopefully put away by halftime or early in the third quarter.

The 6’3” 229-pounder possesses a rocket of an arm, which was on full display in the Blue-White Game, when he launched a deep TD pass to Dan Chisena, earning Chisena a scholarship on the spot. Much like Clifford, he also has the ability to run, if necessary. It would truly be beneficial to his development if PSU is able to put away the lesser opponents on their schedule in a timely fashion, so that he can get as many in-game reps as possible. After all, he is only a lost helmet or an injury away from becoming the starter.