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Success With Hyperlinking: Idaho

Week 0 was a messy success. Now, it’s time for Penn State to take the field.

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Heather Weikel

It’s official: college football is back. As are college kickers.

Though Bubba Baxa had extraordinary moments in the game, his missed chip shot was just one of many lowlights that Florida’s victory over Miami had to offer.

While the game was sloppy and the aftermath was inexcusable, the marquee matchup created a buzz around the “first” weekend of the season, and should lay the foundation for similar Week 0 matchups in the future.

Week 0 isn’t a new occurrence. In fact, its roots stem from the early-1980s and a familiar matchup between the reigning National Champions against the eventual runner-ups.

Idaho, Idaho, Idaho

Penn State will finally return to action on Saturday with a 3:30 pm kick against Idaho, and we now know what the Nittany Lions will look like for the opening snap of the season.

Plenty of young players may get a look in the early stages of the season to determine how ready they will be for the Big Ten slate, and coach James Franklin is certain to be careful with how he deploys these youngsters. With quite a bit of turnover on offense, some of those youngsters may have to adjust to prominent roles quickly.

Expectations for the season are wide ranging, from an underrated favorite to win the Big Ten East to fourth in the division. Should the Nittany Lions offense gel quickly, as some believe it will, they may find themselves pushing Ohio State and Michigan for a spot in Indianapolis.

The Adam Breneman Show

It seems like everyone has a podcast these days. But if there’s one worth listening to in the days leading up to the start of the season, it’s this one.