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Redshirt Report: Post-Buffalo

NCAA Football: Idaho at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Another week down gives us a better idea of which true freshmen (and two JUCOs) will see their redshirt burned this season. Here’s the rundown of who has played thus far:

2 Games Played

  • LB Brandon Smith
  • RB Devyn Ford
  • RB Noah Cain
  • DE Adisa Isaac
  • CB Keaton Ellis
  • S Jaquan Brisker
  • OT Caedan Wallace
  • LB Lance Dixon

1 Game Played

  • OG Saleem Wormley
  • CB Joey Porter Jr.
  • TE Brenton Strange

0 Games Played

  • WR John Dunmore
  • S Tyler Rudolph
  • QB Taquan Roberson
  • OT Anthony Whigan
  • DT D’Von Ellies
  • DT Hakeem Beamon
  • QB Michael Johnson Jr.
  • CB Marquis Wilson
  • WR TJ Jones
  • DE Smith Vilbert
  • DT Joseph Darkwa
  • CB Daequan Hardy

As always, some takeaways...

  • Reminder that Penn State played Nick Tarburton in the first two games last year to only sit him the rest of the way, so just because someone has notched an appearance in the first two games doesn’t mean they won’t be redshirted.
  • Who would be the guys that fit into that category? In my opinion, mostly Caedan Wallace and Adisa Isaac. For Wallace, he’s currently on the PAT unit, so if he won’t play beyond that, I don’t know if that’s a worthy reason for a burned redshirt. And while I’ve liked Isaac, defensive end is just so staked that perhaps Isaac won’t be needed.
  • I would like to see more Brandon Smith at linebacker.
  • Keaton Ellis had his first true freshman moment of the year on Saturday when he gave up a big pass play. That will happen to a true freshman though. Still fully expect Ellis to see his role increased more and more as the season goes on.
  • I went into the summer thinking that one of Devyn Ford and Noah Cain would redshirt. That changed shortly after summer practice started, as I thought there was a good possibility that both would play over four games. Now, with knowing Ricky Slade’s fumble struggles — I would be quite surprised if one of Ford or Cain are redshirted. Captain Point Out The Obvious, I know.