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Black Shoe Degenerates Week 3: Better Late Than Never

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Intriguing lines for week 3’s biggest games.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, apologies for the late entry. This past week was super busy for me. As an apology, I bring you:


  1. C.McKean (2881.73)
  2. Moyepleasehaveanother (2863.50)
  3. Nittanylions31 (2798.91)
  4. CREAM (2709.00)
  5. eartotheground (2506.75)

Full standings.

As you will notice, some of these balances seem quite large for only being three weeks. To avoid someone going under without realizing it, I made everyone’s starting balance 2,000 instead of 1,000. Enjoy!

If you need a refresher on the rules, feel free to read them in a previous week’s post.

Last Week

Half a point is the difference between a perfect week and, well, not a perfect week. Neither Texas nor LSU could stop each other on defense, and eventually LSU managed to make it a 7-point game instead of the 6-point game that it had been throughout. Penn State gave everyone a scare in the first half, but finished strong, and as per Texas A&M, well what can I say, backdoor covers are the best covers.


Maryland -6.5 @ Temple - Maryland is scoring nearly at will so far, and Temple has played only one game. The line is suspiciously close given that, which leads me to believe Vegas is banking overreactions on this one. This line opened at 4, went as high as 8, and has now settled at 6.5. I think the Terps remember last season and exact their revenge, but maybe not by 43 or 79 points. $75

USC -4 @ BYU - Same as above. Road team coming off a big home win with a suspiciously low line given the opponent. I’m going to challenge Vegas once again and stick with whom I think is the better team. $60

Iowa -1.5 @ Iowa State - I didn’t purposefully intend to pick road team this week, it’s simply how it worked out. This game in my mind is a little more even than the other two, but I think Iowa is better than their No. 19 ranking, and while Iowa State is also projected to do well this season (they’ve only played one game so far), I like Iowa to run away with this one. $100


Last Week: 2-1
Season: 4-4-0
Stash: 1331.78

Make your picks.

*If you feel there is an error in your balance, let me know and I’ll rectify it.