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Success With Hyperlinking: Question Marks Surround Penn State

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The Nittany Lions survived Pitt, leading to more questions than answers about what this team is.

Photo by Heather Weikel

So much can change in a week. After being named one of the winners of Week 2, Maryland is now one of the losers of Week 3 after a 20-17 loss to Temple. The Terrapins parallel the Nittany Lions with a bye week before the two teams face off in a Friday night game at College Park.

Following an unconvincing week for the conference, there may not be as much parity as once thought in the Big Ten. Nationally, however, there hasn’t been much change at the top. Similarly, Penn State’s future travel plans have stayed fairly consistent.

Recapping Pitt

Penn State narrowly survived its 100th game against Pitt. It took an extraordinary goal line stand and a questionable decision from Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi, but Penn State remained undefeated through its non-conference schedule.

The rather unconvincing win also caused the Nittany Lions to stand pat in the AP Poll but take a step back in other rankings.

There are plenty of talking points as the Nittany Lions enter their bye week, including an offense that still needs time to click. Quarterback Sean Clifford showed tremendous leadership as he took his share of the blame for the offensive struggles.

Clifford certainly isn’t the only party at fault, though. There were questionable decisions made on both sides of the football, which has shaped what we’ve learned about the team through three games.

Best of the Bye Week

Penn State fans will get a chance to breathe this weekend, but many, myself included, will still be huddled around televisions keeping up with the action around the NCAA. Though we’ve had marquee matchups already this season, Saturday will be the first true test for some College Football Playoff hopefuls, while other teams can push their way into the conversation with a strong performance.

For those still interested in keeping a blue and white theme this week, however, Adam Breneman is back with another former Penn State quarterback.