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Two Things I Liked: Bye Week Edition

No dislikes this weekend!

NCAA Football: Michigan Spring Game Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports


1. Penn State Couldn’t Ruin My Saturday

I feel like normal college football fans dislike when their team is on a bye, you know, because they enjoy watching their team. Not me though, because I am a psycho-obsessed Penn State fan who will pout like petulant child if my team loses or doesn’t play to my liking. And in the event that the Nittany Lions don’t play until the evening, I will spend the majority of the day worried about the game. Really fun stuff going on in this brain, folks.

All jokes aside, Penn State football is great and all, but it was nice watching a college football Saturday not having to worry about the Nittany Lions. You get to simply enjoy the games, and get to laugh at other schools while knowing your school won’t do anything that day that can be used against you. Which leads me to...

2. The Josh Gattis Offense

It is difficult for me to put into words how impressed I have been with the Josh Gattis experience at Michigan.

When you think of innovation, you think of what Josh Gattis is doing at Michigan. Many people laughed at Jim Harbaugh for hiring Gattis based off of a 20-minute phone conversation, but for those of us who lauded Harbaugh for the hiring, we feel rather vindicated right now. It’s safe to say Harbaugh is playing chess, while dummy Nick Saban and dumb-dumb James Franklin are playing checkers. Can’t believe they both overlooked Gattis. I am sure both Saban and Franklin are answering to school administrators and boosters on how they could have let Gattis leave.

This isn’t about where Gattis has been, though. It’s about where he is at now — that is, the University of Michigan, leading a dangerous offense with Jim Harbaugh. Personally, I’m excited to see what’s in store for the rest of the year. Great stuff thus far.