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MMQB - It Sure is Nice to Win the Bye Week

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Being idle can be a good thing

We feel your pain Josh, but better UCF get Pitted than PSU
Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Your Penn State Nittany Lions were off this weekend, enjoying a week 4 bye week while a looot of #chaos unfolded in college football.

Unranked USC toppled #10 Utah.

Unranked Pitt upended #15 UCF.

Unranked SMU defeated #25 TCU.

Unranked Colorado beat #24 Arizona State and unranked UCLA took down #19 Washington State.

In ranked clashes, #3 Georgia edged #7 Notre Dame (giving them more losses by late September than they had all of last season), and #13 Wisconsin mollywhopped #11 Michigan.

As a result of teams ahead of the Lions losing, and former foes looking good (Buffalo beat Temple - who beat Maryland - by 16 points), Penn State managed to move up in the rankings, despite not playing a game themselves.

That’s right - it’s better to sit idle and move up a spot, rather than beat an in-state rival and move down in the rankings. Explain THAT one, pollsters.

While the rest of the college football world was bludgeoning each other, PSU got to lick its wounds, catch a breather, and tweak some game plans in preparation for the Terrapins. And according to the polls at least, they’re a better team for it than they were a week ago.

It’s nice to win the bye.