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Penn State Depth Chart Week Four: Maryland

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See what changes the bye week have brought.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

With a battle of teams coming off a bye and plenty to work on, it’s not surprising to find some tinkering on the depth chart.

On offense, Journey Brown and Ricky Slade swapped top spots in the parade of OR at running back, but left guard is no longer an OR with Stephen Gonzalez now alone as the one.

On defense, Damion Barber and Fred Hansard swapped slots at back-up defensive tackle. C.J. Holmes makes an appearance in the mix at safety. Meanwhile, Brandon Smith and Lance Dixon have switched sides in the reserve outside linebacker list and Donovan Johnson and Trent Gordon flip flopped sides at back-up cornerback. Special teams remain the same heading into Friday night.