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Success With Hyperlinking: Friday Night Lights

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The Nittany Lions return to action this weekend with a Friday night matchup with Maryland.

Heather Weikel/Black Shoe Diaries

Penn State fans got the chance to relax over the weekend with the Nittany Lions on an early-season bye week. While many kicked back and enjoyed a wild Saturday, there was still plenty of impact on the Nittany Lions and the conference, including a matchup that separated those at the top.

New Heisman Trophy front runners are emerging, possibly shifting the balance of power among the most powerful conference.

Bye Week Recap

A fair bit of chaos allowed the idle Nittany Lions to move up in the polls. The moments that made Penn State fans nervous in Week 2 and 3 may now serve to boost the Nittany Lions’ pedigree.

The Nittany Lions return to action this weekend among a select group of undefeated teams, and remain on pace for a marquee bowl game, potentially against a future SEC opponent. There is still plenty of time for that to change, and plenty of work to do to stay on that course.

That work begins on Friday, and this week’s game could serve as a turning point for how Penn State’s season will progress.

Friday Night Lights Out

This week’s contest against Maryland may not be the must-watch game of the weekend, but the Terrapins are certainly doing their part to play up the drama.

While the uniforms can hardly be improved, the team certainly has some reason for concern after a 20-17 loss to Temple. That loss may have halted any momentum the Terrapins built over their first two games of the season.