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Beaver Stadium To Host First-Ever High School Football Game

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State College will host Cumberland Valley on the last Saturday of October

Photo Credit: Heather Weikel
Heather Weikel/Black Shoe Diaries

After weeks, months, perhaps even years of rumors, Penn State confirmed yesterday that Beaver Stadium will host its first-ever high school football game.

State College Area High School (or as us townies call it “State High”) will host Cumberland Valley on Saturday, October 26th. The kickoff time has yet to be announced, due to the fact that the kickoff of the Penn State-Michigan State game in East Lansing has yet to be announced. If PSU-Sparty kicks off at Noon ET, then the high school clash will start at 5 PM. If PSU-Sparty is a late afternoon or later kick, then the game will start at Noon.

While James Franklin and staff will quite busy and unable to watch, this is a very exciting prospect for both high schools, as for the majority of these players, it will be the closest they will ever get to playing in Beaver Stadium as college kids. Hopefully, both teams are able to soak in the experience while playing in a potentially much larger crowd than they are both used to playing in front of.