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BSD Mailbag 9.27.19

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It’s Friday, but it’s game day. What does that mean? A mailbag!

I have no reason for using this photo but I love it.
Heather Weikel

Let’s get down to business

To defeat…the Terps.

Not a question, I’m just listening to that song from Mulan.—GSAPS

Would you rather have PSU go 10-2 with losses to OSU and MSU? Or 9-3 with losses to, say, Maryland, Iowa, and one of Purdue or Minnesota?—MetsFanXXIII

No doubt, 10-2. Because then we’d likely go to a NY6 bowl (ala 2017), rather than barely ranked. Plus, I think OSU looks super good this year so losing to them isn’t as big of a deal as, say, Minnesota which really should be 1-2 so far this year but somehow will make it to 8-0 before losing their last four.

During practice week, does the “opposing” practice team wear opposing team jerseys? Seems like it would create a more realistic scenario to help the players visualize game action.—48-14

I know they don’t wear the opposing jerseys. I’m sure some teams where the opponents’ colors in order to do that differentiation. But a lot of these practice tactics are borderline proprietary, so it’s not like we would get official, true answers from CJF.

Who is more of a rival for Penn State? Pitt or Maryland? Between recruiting, the conference/division ties, and the handshake shenanigans a few years ago, I have stronger feelings about beating Turtles than I do the Panthers.—CaptBombs

I don’t really care about either, especially now that we (thankfully) don’t have to deal with Pitt fans for decades (I don’t really care that you chant “Fuck Penn State” during Sweet Caroline or at basketball games - that says more about you than it ever will about my school).

And as for Maryland, I also don’t really care a lot. I really want to win, of course, but that’s the same with every game - and even living in Maryland I don’t really deal with the stupid MD fans you see online IRL; the vast majority of *real life* MD fans aren’t shitty like that.

Plus, I feel like I lived through the shitshow of 2014 and 2015, the latter of which I was terrified to leave the stadium if we lost because I wasn’t sure where we were going as a program and if we would ever beat Maryland in Big Ten play. This year is a totally different vibe for me because the last few years have proven that we’re back, and even if (IF) Maryland is back and can contend, I know we’re back and we’ll win next year. So I’m not concerned, regardless of the outcome.

You guys know I’m always a logical realist, right? And I can’t let vitriol like I see online consume my life? I also am inherently a pessimist, which sometimes means a GREAT internal struggle, let me tell you.

where in the hell can i park around maryland stadium on friday and what time should i get there? cheapest reserve parking i saw on second hand sites today was over $80.—kdm628496

Not sure I can help you - I bought my parking six weeks ago in the last lot that was available on campus, and we’ll be there when the lots open to nab our spots. I did see this comment on TT and maybe that helps?

If a Penn State RB named Brown or Cain doesn’t get majority carries...and Penn State loses bc of inconsistent RB play, do the fans have a right to call out CJF&CO for being knuckleheads?

I really see Maryland keeping this game close, then getting a late lead, winning it straight up. Why am I wrong?—PeteZockyU

I mean, not riding Cain was my only coaching issue with the offense against Pitt.

I see Maryland keeping this game close for the first half, then us getting a lead to start the 2nd half after which we stay ahead and win by 1-2 scores (more than the spread but less than 2 TDs), with MD having a chance to tie late but unable to do so, with PSU tacking on a 50 yard field goal after MD turns it over on downs near the end of the 4th.

Penn State opened as an 8 point favorite over Maryland but the line has gone down to 6.5. If Penn State can’t cover such a lowly spread against sad Maryland*, should Franklin and his staff, Barbour, PSU President Barron, et al, all be fired, and perhaps even the entire PSU campus itself put to the torch as a burnt offering to the spirits in charge of football?

I vote yes.

* a program whose only #1 vote, in 1953, came because Notre Dame literally “fainted” against Iowa, earning the voters’ ire.—ReadingRambler

Lol no. We could lose, but this is an overreaction (I’m pretty sure you’re at least being a little facetious, but I’m sure if we lose there’ll be folks espousing this almost verbatim).

Your opinions about this flag:

Also, blue is the color of the sky and sea. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and truth. Of course Marygers flag has no blue in it as they espouse none of those characteristics. What other low-life state flags do not have blue in them?—Smee

I have said this before and I will say it again, I fucking hate this flag. I’ve stared at it since I was a child, it’s on every Maryland team’s uniform (inexplicably), and it is a Rennaisance Faire abortion. It’s gross.

It would be better with blue and green in it. Maybe like this:

What *should* be good but isn’t?—thatdarncat

Besides the fucking Maryland flag?

I’d say the DC movies, absent Wonder Woman and the Nolan Batmans which were wonderful.

since it is MD week and OLD BAY is the defacto official flavor of MD, Where do you rank old bay wings? I rank them as #1. Discuss.—rph75

Funnily enough, I had old bay wings last weekend while watching football and Penn State winning the BYE week.

I don’t rank them as #1 (that goes to whatever flavor and type of wings PSU Girl decides to make for our tailgates) but they’re up there - the difference is that I always want some sort of dipping sauce with them, whereas for every other style of wing I enjoy them plain. But the flavor is great and goes well with cheese fries.

when, oh when will they annouce the starting times for the Iowa and Meatchicken games?—kingkub

For Michigan, I’m betting they’re gonna wait until a few weeks out (and the longer they wait the more optimistic I’m getting it won’t be a noon game, so I’m sure I’ll be horribly disappointed). For Iowa:

Twitter is reporting rumors that evil Kinnick Stadium night voodoo magic may be in play in a few weeks.

On a scale of “meh” to “ZOMG THE WORLD IS ENDING,” how worried should we be?—NittanyPUMA

I mean, moderately I guess? We handled them just fine when I visited Kinnick at night, and it was awesome.

Which undefeated school is the biggest pretender? And why would it not be Cal?—LarzLion

I actually don’t think it’s Cal - the Pac 12 looks like a hot mess again and they could realistically win it.

My money’s on Minnesota (three games won by a single score each, woof) or UAB, who I could easily see not go bowling. And two more (Navy and Memphis) actually play this weekend!

*ed note: played after this was written. by now you should know that it’s done and a team won.

D’Eriq King has decided to redshirt after the first 4 games. Houston is now 1-3 to start the season. Apparently Dana Holgorsen encouraged this to happen. Houston is now effectively tanking the season. How do you feel about this? Do you think we will see this more in college football?—hpdubs

I do not agree with the encouraging of this unless it’s a predetermined thing between them. And tanking the season with a player that would help you win on the bench is stupid. But then again, I forgot Holgo was even at Houston until like two days ago so that’s unsurprising.

I don’t think we’ll see it, because above all else, most college coaches are competitive to a fault and want to win; most players are the same. I don’t see very many willingly take the L for whatever reason.

What are the odds Pitt would have been successful running the pitt Philly special against Penn St?—LionfanAllan

Unfortunately I think pretty high. But I think we score on the next drive, with our playcalling drastically different.

In honor of Harbaugh’s Tide ad - What would be the perfect thing for each B1G East coach to sell in an ad? (My picks below)

Franklin: (Can’t use snake oil) Used cars

Dantonio: Cucumber face masks

Ash: Burial plots

Harbaugh: Kleenex

Day:Time shares

Allen: Vanilla ice cream

Locksley: Golden Corral buffet—RWReese

LOL, I’m not sure I’m creative enough to come up with ones better than this but I’m excited to see the contributions in the comments.

I’m thinking back to the old video of Meyer eating pizza, sitting on a golf cart after tOSU lost. What does Harbaugh eat after a tough loss?—Dom Flaim

I feel like Harbaugh would purposefully deprive himself of sustenance after a loss as a form of penance. He, like Marianne Williamson, does not seem like a person to have a comfort food.

Does anyone know what app I’m going to have to have to watch this game outside of the B1G footprint?

I have the BTN and Fox sports apps, but have heard scuttlebutt that Fox has a few different ones. I have to be in Central New York on Friday evening…—mattinglywasking

The removal of the BTN app was one of the stupidest things I’ve seen. You won’t be able to use it for this game, or any game we’re on BTN, because it’s only used for BTN+ now - so anything on air you can’t watch through that app.

Two weeks ago, after the Pitt game while we were still tailgating, I tried to watch games on my phone. I first downloaded the Fox Sports app, because that’s what BTN said to download. No go. Then I downloaded the Fox Sports Go app, because that’s what else was recommended to me.

I finally had to download Fox Now because that’s the only one that had what was live on BTN at that time when, according to the guide, it wasn’t a live game (though it was, it had just run over).

So good luck! This all sucks!

Conel or Brooks at 197? I am ready for wrestling season. While you’re at it what is your full projected lineup for this year?—wvlion

Aw man, my heart says Conel because how can you not root for the guy who beat Kollin Moore 2x and led to us winning in 2018?

But I have a feeling that by year’s end, Michael Beard (not Aaron Brooks, Brooks’ll start at 184 next year when Shak leaves) may have taken over the starting position.

Volleyball Q.....…..Do you think we see another NC during the Russ Rose era? Shoulda/coulda had another a few years ago (damn trip…), and this team is still young (mostly sophs), but seems like we are trending into the good to maybe very good, but not great, realm. And Russ has been there since I was a student (VERY long ago…), so maybe the run is over? But then again, we find dominate middle and maybe we are right there again. Dunno.—MJBPSU

I think our best shot is in 2021, when last year’s freshman (the best volleyball recruiting class for almost any school in a while) will be seniors.

I still think that 2017 team was the best volleyball team to never win a title...that was pretty disappointing, with all the talent we had on that squad.

Do you know anyone who knows someone who knows someone who knows Leigh Anne & Sean Tuohy, and if so what’s the real scoop (if there is one)?—Smee

It took me a real long time to remember who they were without googling, and I don’t know beyond the Blind Side what “scoop” you mean but I am very afraid to google it and find out so I hope you’ll explain in the comments.

How often do guys creep/weird you out?

I bet it’s alot. I ask cuz today I was in a book store, getting my nerd on, looking for WW2 history books. I hear this guy say to the female clerk, “Are we friends?” Then an awkward long silence. Then she says, “Well we don’t really know each other.” He doesn’t get the hint and doubles down by saying “I consider us friends.”

Sooooooo, I decide to make my presence known and go the front of the store to let this weirdo know he wasn’t alone with the clerk. No lie, dude is wearing a neon fanny pack, knee length tube socks, and an outfit that can only be described as kaleidoscopian.

Just a strange cat.—swift_retribution

Basically, any time that I am out in public (and not just going from my apartment to my car into my office, but sometimes even then!) guys creep and/or weird me out. I don’t think most men realize the ways that women have modified their behavior because of the constant vigilance required to navigate through the world - I’m sure I don’t even realize everything I do.

And I know that most men don’t realize how certain things can be creepy or bothersome to women - but that doesn’t invalidate women’s feelings about the behavior. Because we have to modify for the small percentage of men who are super creepy that we have to watch out for, and even if we smile when we don’t want to or are super pleasant to the biggest creeps and assholes out of fear that they might attack us if we aren’t, many times it’s not enough.

What’s the best thing about Autumn and what’s the worst (and you can’t use football)—RWReese

I love pumpkin smelling stuff, and the cool weather when it rolls in after a stifling heat is wonderful. That first night when you can leave your windows open overnight is great. Fall is my favorite season for these reasons but especially football.

I recently picked up a book because the cover had the review “The most hard-boiled novel of the 1930s!” What is a review that would make you buy the book instantly?—Succss With Honor Always

Generally, the reviews that would make me buy a book aren’t reviews that I’d read on a book or in print. My sister is an avid reader and I generally rely on here nowadays to let me know what books I should read and what authors I like are having new books out, and most of the time, she’s spot on.

What’s the craziest fast food interaction you have ever had?

Mine literally just happened. Was at Arby’s for lunch. Cashier says, unprompted, “I asked a guy for a goat. He said he would get me a possum.” I think I now know why Arby’s has the meats…—swift_retribution

I honestly can’t think of anything out of the ordinary for me. I’m sure back when I went to fast food every day in high school there was some crazy stuff going on, but nothing off the top of my head - I’d be interested in reading some other crazy stories in the comments, though!

Why are Reese’s eggs, pumpkins, and trees so much better than regular Resse’s cups?—bva-psu

It’s all about the ratio, baby!

I like the cups, but I LOVE the pumpkins, eggs, and trees. I’ll take those over any other candy.

What should you do if you find this bottle in the fridge at your local Sheetz, Piggly Wiggly, Weis, or 7-Eleven?

Gerry Dincher

I think I’d probably take out every single coke bottle and make sure the OSU ones are all in the back, facing the back, because no one wants to see that shit.

What’s the time cutoff for sneaking one last question into the mailbag and still having it answered?—bearwithscarf

Most weeks, I prep with an outline of the piece on Wednesday and put in any questions then but don’t answer (unless I’ve got a particularly witty answer that’s come to me while pulling the questions off the post). Then, on Thursday evening, I check the post again and add in anything that’s come in since, and write the post. It’s rare that I’m still checking on Friday, but it has happened, especially on BYE weeks or weeks I’ve taken Friday off of work.