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MMQB: Did Friday Say More About Maryland or Penn State?

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Penn State looked unstoppable on Friday. Was that due to their prowess or Maryland’s weakness?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 27 Penn State at Maryland

On Friday, the highly anticipated game between the Penn State Nittany Lions and Maryland Terrapins was supposed to showcase a new Terps team under Mike Locksley. Maryland started fast, scoring 79 points against Howard and blowing out ranked-at-the-time Syracuse to the tune of 63 points. The Terps had a bump on the road the next week at Temple, losing a close game riddled with turnovers and the inability to protect their quarterback.

While that loss took the anticipation down a notch, it was still a sold out crowd, with a blackout organized for the day. Ralph Friedgen was honored that day as well, and everything was set up to see a different side of Maryland, having finally turned the corner under Locksley.

What ensued was nothing of the sort. The Nittany Lions controlled the game from start to finish, embarrassing the hosts from the onset. By the time anyone blinked, the Lions were up 21-0 on Maryland, and the score was unreachable come halftime. Penn State suffocated the Terps on defense, and got everything they wanted on offense. Sean Clifford was two yards away from throwing for 400 yards, something that has only been done three times at Penn State. The team rushed for 98 yards, and KJ Hamler had 108 of Clifford’s 398 passing yards. Everything that was a concern a few weeks ago seemed to have magically been solved for this game.

This leads me to today’s question. Is Friday’s performance a testament to Penn State’s commitment to address the issues from the prior three games, or is Maryland the paper tiger we all believed them to be coming into Friday? What say you, dear reader?