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Redshirt Report: Whole Lotta Guys Played Against Idaho

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The bench was emptied.

NCAA Football: Idaho at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Being that the Idaho game ended up being a 79-7 blowout, it should come as no surprise that 11 members of the 2019 recruiting class were able to make their debut last Saturday. Here’s a rundown of the players who played:

1 Game Played

  • LB Brandon Smith
  • RB Devyn Ford
  • OT Caedan Wallace
  • DE Adisa Isaac
  • RB Noah Cain
  • LB Lance Dixon
  • OG Saleem Wormley
  • CB Keaton Ellis
  • CB Joey Porter Jr.
  • S Jaquan Brisker
  • TE Brenton Strange

And the players that did not see any action.

0 Games Played

  • WR John Dunmore
  • S Tyler Rudolph
  • QB Taquan Roberson
  • OT Anthony Whigan
  • DT D’Von Ellies
  • DT Hakeem Beamon
  • QB Michael Johnson Jr.
  • CB Marquis Wilson
  • WR TJ Jones
  • DE Smith Vilbert
  • DT Joseph Darkwa
  • CB Daequan Hardy

Some takeaways from both lists...

  • Saleem Wormley, Joey Porter Jr., and Brenton Strange were probably the three biggest surprises as far as players who got onto the field. I don’t think James Franklin would throw a true freshman out there if on some level, he didn’t show he was ready. That’s not the say any of Wormley, Porter Jr., or Strange will see their redshirt burned this season, but three nice surprises nonetheless.
  • Keaton Ellis was the first cornerback off the bench, taking over the third cornerback spot in place of the suspended Donovan Johnson. I suspect that Johnson will be the third cornerback this coming week, but a nice showing from Ellis. I have a feeling we will be seeing a whole ton of him this coming season.
  • Linebacker is in a good spot so I’m not sure if Brandon Smith will have the role Ellis will have at cornerback, but goodness gracious is he going to be a terror. I thought he started off a little tentative before really coming into his own in the second half.
  • I think I’m going to be a Devyn Ford guy.
  • I think Anthony Whigan not seeing the field tells you what you need to know about where he is at physically. The redshirt year in the weight room will do him well.