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Meet the 2020 Class: LB Tyler Elsdon

BSD’s recruiting staff sat down for a roundtable on each prospect Penn State signed in the 2020 class. Coming in at No. 15 was three-star linebacker Tyler Elsdon.

What makes you excited about Tyler Elsdon?

“Tyler Elsdon knows how to play linebacker, and sometimes, it’s just as simple as that. He has some of the best instincts out of any linebacker that Penn State has recruited during James Franklin’s tenure, and perhaps just as impressively, he shows a tremendous ability to get off blocks. When you have those two things, you have the makings of a stud Mike linebacker.

Also, I legally have to tell you that Elsdon has sneaky athleticism.” --Patrick

What worries you about Tyler Elsdon?

“Elsdon is a stereotypical old school MIKE linebacker, something that is a bit of a dying breed in college football. While Elsdon does not lack in football IQ, he is not the fastest player in the world and that lack of athleticism could regulate him to being a two down linebacker in college. Even then, he could struggle to crack the LB rotation with how well Penn State has recruited the position.” --Marty

Do you think Tyler Elsdon will be redshirted next season? Around what point of his career do you think he pushes for meaningful playing time?

“Elsdon will be good in due time, but that time is not now. He’s destined for a redshirt and likely doesn’t see the field anytime before 2022.” --Clay

What is your projection for Tyler Elsdon: depth provider, starter, multi-year starter, all-conference, all-american?

Clay: Starter
Marty: Depth provider
Patrick: Multi-year starter

Lastly, where do you have Tyler Elsdon ranked in Penn State’s class?

Clay: 15th
Marty: 24th
Patrick: 10th