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Midweek Musings - On Penn State Basketball

RIP in peace

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apology for poor english

when were you when penn state basketball dies

i was sat at home watching palestra when phone ring

‘penn state is die’


So, yeah, it was nice to be a basketball school for a couple months, wasn’t it? I sure enjoyed it. The Lions were sitting pretty after a solid neutral site win over a ranked Iowa squad, and the next few games featured opponents that, while decent, should not have been considered as tough a challenge as the Hawkeyes.

At Rutgers

Home versus Wisconsin

At Minnesota

All of those teams have winning records, but this Penn State team was supposed to be different. Talented, with experience, and depth. What ensued was a three-game losing streak, and a change in discussion from making the NCAA tournament, to pushing for another NIT bid.

At Rutgers, the Lions led 33-28 at the half, before being outscored 44-28 in the second, losing 72-61.

Against Wisconsin, the Lions trailed 31-22 at the half, before tying up the second half 27-27, losing 58-49.

And at Minnesota, PSU was up 46-44 at the half, then the Gophers went 31-23 in the second, to win 75-69.

This is college basketball, so I’m not expecting every game to score in the 90s or above. But where did the offense go? 22 points in a half against Wisconsin? 23 in a half against Minnesota?

It strangely seems like something happened to Penn State following their win at the Palestra, and the same sense of purpose - sense of urgency, even - are just gone.

So anyway, it was fun while it lasted. I did enjoy November to early January, but ultimately, I think I’ll be left looking to the wrestling and hockey teams to get me through the winter.

C’est la vie!