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MMQB - What Are Your Expectations for the Season?

11-0 or GTFO aside, of course

Photo by John Bunch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As it stands right now, Penn State will start its abbreviated 2020 season in less than 2 weeks, when they head to Bloomington to take on Indiana. This season will be an interesting one, if only because of the dynamics imposed by COVID-19 - testing, practice limitations, different number of games played across the various conferences, etc.

All of that aside, what do you hope to see this season from the Lions? I’ve got a few:

A Dominant Run Game

The offensive line should be good - no really! - and there are approximately 327 good running backs at Penn State. I’d like to see the Lions establish their will on the ground, taking some pressure off of Sean Clifford and a host of new receivers.

A Solid Front Seven

The loss of Micah Parsons is a major blow, and probably the reason many people all but discount PSU’s chances against OSU. But the probable starting linebacker trio of Brandon Smith - Ellis Brooks - Jesse Luketa is still a really good one. Coupled with what should be a stout defensive line, and I’d like to see the front seven take some of the pressure off the defensive backs.

Dynamic Offensive Coaching

There were times last year when the coaching, particularly on offense, seemed to stagnate a bit. There would be a random 5-10 minute period when the offense just sort of got out of rhythm, and that always seemed to leave the door open for opponents. Some of that is execution by the players, but some of it comes from the playcalling. Ricky Rahne was good at scripting the early portion of the game, but in-game adjustments didn’t seem to be his strong suit. Kirk Ciarrocca, by way of having more playcalling experience, should be able to avoid these sorts of lulls.

What are you looking to see from Penn State this season?