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Only Lance Dixon Until Penn State Football

Only 10 days to go!

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Penn State
Unfortunately, we could not find a photo of Lance Dixon that we could legally use.
Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

A former blue-chip linebacker out of Michigan, Lance Dixon came in with the same class as Brandon Smith, who we highlighted on the countdown just a couple short days ago. The redshirt freshman saw action in three games last year, helping to assist on a pair of tackles. Expect him to be a key part of the linebacking rotation in 2020.

Redshirt freshman wide receiver T.J. Jones will rock the No. 10 jersey on offense. The Florida native will have every opportunity to try to carve out some playing time, given the dearth of returning experience at the position.

And with that, we are about to enter single-digit days to go until the 2020 Penn State football season finally kicks off!