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SWH is Ready For Fat Bear Week?

First there was Shark Week...

Polarium celebrates second birthday Photo by Bernd Wüstneck/picture alliance via Getty Images

Apparently there is a thing called, “Fat Bear Week.”

It appears as though “Holly” is the favorite as the defending champion, but don’t sleep on “Grazer.”

Anyway, in other news...A profile on Jahan Dotson discusses his flexibility working with so many different coaches.

Many fans are expecting big things from Dotson as the unquestioned leader of the receiving corps this year, so we’ll see if his third coach in three years (not counting Josh Gattis, who recruited him) brings him to new heights.

For you professional tailgaters, the University will come for you if you try anything this year.

Friday night games could happen again this year-even as early as Penn State’s opener.

What’s Penn State football’s biggest weakness?

With the official departure of Micah Parsons, which Penn State linebackers will take center stage?

Former defensive back Trevor Williams looks to get back into a starting lineup

The Daily Collegian previews the women’s soccer team.

For fans of the Creamery, they started their Fantasy Flavor League this week. Looking at the matchups, most of them are no-brainers to me-but the Victory Bowl on November 7th should be a dandy. #TeamDeathbyChocolate

Finally, Miles Sanders was mic’d up: