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BSD Mailbag: 10.02.20

There is a question about fullbacks.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 16 New Mexico at Boise State Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Now that Micah has kicked the door down, are 2-and-dones now going to be a thing? Where guys sit out year 3 of eligibility?

Do I think we’re going to see most projected Top 5 picks sit out the entire season moving forward? No, more than likely that won’t be the case. I mean, look at how many projected first rounders have opted back in after opting out. For the most part, these guys enjoy playing football and competing on a huge level — which, like it or not, the NCAA offers.

But I do think the notion that the decisions Micah Parsons and Ja’Marr Chase made won’t have an impact moving forward are silly. There will undoubtedly be high-tier draft prospects in the next few years that will play their freshman and sophomore seasons, and then will sit that final year out. Look at LSU’s sophomore cornerback Derek Stingley Jr. That dude is ready for the NFL right now. What would he gain by another year? I’m not saying he’ll sit out next season, but it wouldn’t be surprising whatsoever.

The toothpaste is out of the tube, and man it’s going to be tough to get back in.

What other football programs and what Head Coaches do you find yourself subconsciously rooting for the most?

I adopted Auburn as my non-Penn State team this year when I thought the Big Ten was never coming back. I suppose that isn’t subconsciously though since I made that choice directly.

I always liked Boise State. I feel like when I was a kid (mid-2000s) they were on ESPN2 every Saturday night at 10:30 p.m. so I developed an affinity for them then. Colorado is up there for me as a program I like. I liked Scott Satterfield since his early seasons at App. State, so I’ll root for Louisville now. That’s really it though. Honestly, social media and the internet has made me dislike just about every fan base.

Because some BSDers clamor for the days of the fullback, what old style offense would you like to see re-emerge?

You are asking the wrong guy.

Illinois v Penn State Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

8-1 with a miraculous playoff invite….lose to OSU in game 2 OR 2-0 with a blowout win over OSU and then the rest of the season cancelled……

2-0 and then the season cancelled would be really good for my brand — just talk a bunch of good-good knowing there are no consequences. Man, I’d be so insufferable.

But the correct answer is 8-1 with a playoff invite. I get that beating Ohio State is high up there as far as things Penn State needs to accomplish, but nothing is more important that a College Football Playoff birth. That would go a long way on the recruiting trail.

Do you understand people that like one college for basketball and another for football? I don’t get it. Here in NC we have many Crimson Heel/Tar Tide fans.
--Gerry Dincher

So I won’t lie: I didn’t exactly grow up a Penn State basketball fan. I say “didn’t exactly” because I definitely rooted for the team (and went to *Penn State basketball camps), but I had one of the two cable companies in Pennsylvania not to get the Big Ten Network, so I essentially never saw the team. So I kind of bounced around throughout my childhood. Loved the 2003-2004 St. Joe’s Team. Have always pulled for Villanova. I was a big Tyler Hansborough fan too, so I might have owned a UNC hat.

Gonzaga was my main team though. Adam Morrison is still, and will forever be, my favorite college basketball player. Plus, we had the same hair.

Now though, I’m unfortunately Penn State over everybody. But that’s also because I have ties to the school as a graduate. If you’re from North Carolina and didn’t go to UNC, I could understand the thought process of not rooting for the football team. For them, it’s no different than a pro sports team. I think they are missing what makes college sports better than professional, but I can see the perspective if they never experienced being a student at the school.