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Wrestling Open Thread: NLWC Rokfin Event #2

Coach Sanderson has found a streaming model that works for the club and is hosting a new wrestling event tonight

Cael Sanderson, here coaching Jake Varner in 2015, has since brought Varner into the Penn State Coaching Tree, and Varner is now the Head Coach of the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club.
Tony Rotundo/WrestlersAreWarriors

More wrestling, yay!

Bout order

1-Terrell Barraclough v. Kyle Shoop 155

2-Jarod Verklereen v. Brock Zacherl 155lbs

3-Jaime Espinal v. Brett Pfarr 196 lbs

4-Bekzod Abdurakhmonov v. Nestor Taffur 77kg

5-Jane Valencia vs. Vayle-Rae Baker 60kg

6-Carter Starocci vs. Devin Skatzka 182lbs

7- Michael Beard v. Greg Bulsak 205

8-Greg Kerkvliet v. Demetrius Thomas HWT

9-Alejandra Romero v. Alexis Porter 68 kg

10-Beau Bartlett v. Bryce Meredith 67kg

11-Roman Bravo-Young v. Shelton Mack 140 lbs

12-Jason Nolf v. Bubba Jenkins 167lbs

All video-and-audio-streamed to you, good fan, for the cost of $9.99 on the NLWC’s page on the Rokfin platform.

Saturday night, 7:30p pregame show, 8p wrestling begins. Let’s check it out!

What Is Rokfin / How to Watch

Rokfin is a content-creator platform founded by Martin Floreani after an ugly public split from Flowrestling, which he also founded.

The platform hosts content from various creators (here’s a link to all the creator channels) some of which is free and some of which is premium. To get access to the free content, you must create a free login, a process I found easy & straightforward.

To get access to the premium content, you must subscribe with a credit card, to a particular channel. I used the NLWC’s page, and I found this part easy and straightforward as well. I also appreciate that the $9.99 fee is only charged monthly, an option that conveys to me an interest by the company in assuring customer’s have flexibility . Here’s a link to the NLWC’s page, which shows some free and some premium content, each clearly labeled.

Rokfin cancellation looks easy to find (two clicks, into account settings) and not difficult to execute as well:

Rokfin’s cancellation page, in account settings.

Rokfin’s About page has this to say about becoming a creator on their platform:

The marketing descriptions at

Other informational resources hosted there include a page about their custom tokens, called RAE, which I haven’t learned enough about to attempt a description, but you can read about them here, and their FAQ page hosted on Medium.

Link to Live Event tonight:

In the common parlance of Nittany Lion wrestling, signs seem to be pointing toward it being a very #fun night of grappling!