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Midweek Musings - And Here We Go

Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images

As the late, great, Heath Ledger once said while playing the Joker “whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger.”

Well, does it get much stranger than the 2020 season?

After much consternation, football is being played this weekend across the Big Ten. Will the conference successfully play all 9 games? Can college football as a whole make it all the way through the College Football Playoff?

Who knows!

I’m cautiously optimistic that Penn State will actually have its season played to completion, such as it is currently scheduled. The Lions’ staff have done an excellent job taking care of the players and coaches, and the Big Ten has kept its foot down on some extraneous measures, such as no fans in the stands.

Still, I have to keep in mind just how strange this whole fall has been. But then I’m reminded of another quote from Ledger’s Joker: “madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push.”

Time will tell whether football this fall for the Big Ten is the right call, or if it was just one last push into madness.

For now we soldier on! Here’s hoping that the medical staffs across the country can keep everyone healthy, and that the remainder of the college football season can be played without (much) further issue.

1.5 days until Penn State plays football in the fall of 2020!