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Only Jonathan Sutherland Until Penn State Football

It’s’s finally here.

Photo Courtesy of Penn State Athletics

Welcome to October 24, 2020, a day that finally brings the return of Penn State Football.

A new wrinkle to the 2020 season is the addition of the jersey #0. Why it took so long for this to happen is beyond me, but try making sense of any of the NCAA’s decision-making.

Anyways, the number 0 will carry extra significance for Penn State moving forward. It will not be a jersey number that is simply selected, but rather earned. This year, the honor is going to safety, special teams ace, and team captain Jonathan Sutherland.

Sutherland is a fantastic selection among the many high-character individuals that make up the 2020 Penn State Football squad. He will continue to make us proud to be Nittany Lions fans, and help lead the team through a highly-unusual, yet hopefully wild successful season.

After several pauses and restarts, that’s a wrap for our 2020 season countdown. We’ve made it this far, now we just need to wait until 3:30 p.m. ET for the Nittany Lions to rush onto the field to take on the Hoosiers.